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Featured Articles — Space & Satellite

Space: It’s smaller than we think

For much of humanity’s time on Earth, the oceans seemed impossibly vast and indestructible. Over millennia, we treated it as an infinite resource and transportation medium — and polluted it with reckless abandon. We’re only now confronting the consequences of ocean degradation brought about by centuries of unregulated carelessness.

The same is now happening with space, another seemingly vast entity so large as to be immune from human destruction or waste.

“Space may be practically limitless, b
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Theatre Writing

When I'm not writing about tech and other corporate topics, I run the
OnStage Colorado website where a handful of volunteer reviewers and myself cover plays, musicals and other performances around the state.

In ‘Cost of Living,’ challenging connections define two couples

Martyna Majok’s play is staged beautifully in a joint production by Curious and Phamaly theatre companies

At the top of Cost of Living, out-of-work truck driver Eddie (Isaiah Kelley) sits alone at a bar in Brooklyn addressing an unseen man he hopes will listen to his story. For a good five minutes, Kelley holds the audience as he shares details about his wreck of a life: his wife dead, a DUI killing his driving career, and a ghostly text from his wife’s phone number that led him from his home i
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